Friday, 15 October 2010

And so term starts

I think summer projects should be banned. For the last 5 years my summers have been spiked with stress due to unimportant summer work set by my art institutions. This needs to end. They are never as important as they are made out to be. You stress and worry that everyone else will have done a mass more than you and during your 2 months of holiday there is this background noise that nags you of  your summer work. Of course, when you turn up and you see what everyone else has done, you have all done equally as little, and wonder why you spent the time worrying, equally so to why you bothered doing anything at all considering those that set the work take half a second to look at it and say "ok" and forget it ever happened. 

I must also come across as a person with no sense of humour for I did not enjoy the party project and I did not enjoy the video project. The shorteness of projects means you have little time to care for the quality of your output and therefore produce neither quality or quantity. I much prefer something I can get my teeth into. Bring on the personal projects.